” Ni Ghasia Kabisaa” Brian Chira Insults Nyako After Helping Him to Raise Ksh.300,000.

In recent social media trends, Brian Chira has once again captured the spotlight, not for any positive reasons, but rather due to his ungrateful behavior and incessant trolling of others. Previously, he garnered attention by shedding crocodile tears online, attempting to gain sympathy from Kenyans. Now, he has resorted to his familiar habit of targeting individuals without restraint.

One individual who demonstrated remarkable kindness toward Brian Chira during his troubled times was Pilot Nyako. She stood by Chira’s side when he faced arrest and detention for making derogatory remarks about Azziad Nasenya. Nyako empathetically recognized that Chira was grappling with mental health issues, suggesting that he needed therapy and should temporarily withdraw from interviews. In a heartfelt gesture, Nyako even took to her official TikTok page, rallying her fans to contribute toward Chira’s well-being. Together, they managed to raise Ksh. 300,000, which was allocated towards securing a new residence for Chira and funding therapy sessions, among other essentials.

However, despite the generosity extended to him, Brian Chira displayed a disheartening lack of gratitude. He took to TikTok Live to launch a vitriolic tirade against Pilot Nyako, using offensive language and derogatory terms. Chira went as far as claiming that Nyako had never truly assisted him and had played no significant role in his life. In a strikingly unappreciative manner, he declared his indifference, asserting that if Nyako wished to help pay his rent, she could do so, but he no longer valued or acknowledged her contributions to his life. This sequence of events serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those who seek to extend a helping hand in an environment where gratitude appears to be a scarce commodity.