Esther Musila: I’m happily married, but Wababa still hit on me on DMs -

Esther Musila: I’m happily married, but Wababa still hit on me on DMs

Musician Esther Musila, 52, who is married to gospel singer Guardian Angel, 34, revealed that her Instagram DM is flooded with messages from men hitting on her despite being aware that she is married. The mother of three, whose love story with her younger husband attracted a lot of attention, expressed surprise at how many men are camping in her DM. She noted that this behavior shows a lack of respect for the institution of marriage.

However, Musila stated that she chooses to respond, ignore, or block the senders, as she has no room to entertain anyone. She met Guardian Angel through radio personality Maina Kageni, who introduced them to collaborate on a music project, only for them to fall in love. Guardian Angel revealed that his wife was keen to understand why he was struggling to market his music and offered to support him.

The couple confirmed their relationship in 2021 and eventually tied the knot in a private wedding. Last year, Guardian Angel revealed that his music had started making him serious cash since he met his wife. Musila, a successful career woman, worked as a banker in her earlier years before landing a lucrative job at the United Nations, where she worked for over 18 years as a civil servant.