Yesu Wa Tongaren, “Nitapeleka Watu Mbinguni Karibuni” Bibi Yangu Ndiye Pekee Anajua Wakati”

The self-proclaimed individual known as “Jesus Christ alias ‘Yesu Wa Tongaren’” has made a cautionary announcement, urging everyone to remain vigilant, as he plans to sound the trumpet soon. He claims that only his wife possesses the knowledge of the exact day and hour when this event will occur.

This assertion, along with his self-proclaimed identity as Jesus Christ, raises questions and skepticism among many, as such claims are traditionally associated with religious and prophetic significance.

The declaration of being the Messiah, coupled with the secretive nature of the announcement, invites speculation and curiosity. However, it is essential to approach such proclamations with a critical and discerning perspective, as claims of divine identity and knowledge of future events often require substantial evidence and validation to be taken seriously by a broader audience.