Andrew Kibe Attacks Akothee Claims Omosh Is A Kafukuswii ‘atamuacha Tu’

Akothee and Omosh have captured the public’s attention as one of the most talked-about celebrity couples following their extravagant wedding ceremony.

Their love blossomed swiftly after meeting in 2022, leading to an engagement announcement in December of the same year.

Finally, on April 10, 2023, they exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

The wedding itself was a grand affair, filled with notable personalities from the world of politics, music, and entertainment. The splendid ceremony took place at Nairobi’s prestigious Windsor Hotel.

In front of a large crowd of guests, the couple professed their love and commitment to each other, and the celebration continued with energetic dancing and melodious music.

Akothee and Omosh have been transparent about their relationship, generously sharing their enchanting love story with their dedicated fans.

They have consistently shown unwavering support for one another and have openly discussed their aspirations for the future, which includes Akothee giving him a child just like many of the men she’s been with.

Kibe says, from Akothee’s behavior around both men, one can easily tell who she respects more.

While with her ex and baby daddy Papa Oyoo, she’s normally calm and tends to show off herself.

With Denis Omosh Schweizer, she’s normally chaotic, speaking aimlessly and throwing abuses at netizens who’ve rattled her. Sometimes, she just opens the camera and starts recording.

The term “Kafukuswii” refers to an individual, regardless of gender, who finds themselves trapped in an unsuccessful relationship but struggles to let go or acknowledge the reality of the situation due to shyness or hesitance, when they know things won’t work, regardless of the chaos and the drama, they remain hopeful. The term was coined by Kibe in his YouTube shows.

From this observation, Kifeee says, Omosh is just a part of Akothee’s internet life while Papa Oyoo is the one who calls all the shots. If he demands her to travel on short notice, Madam Boss will be up and about like a Kenyan who’s just won a green card lottery.

Despite their ups and downs, Akothee and Papa Oyoo are still very much in love. They are a strong couple who are determined to make their relationship work as co-parents.