Revealed: DJ Fatxo’s ‘abnormal’ social media activity after Jeff Mwathi death -

Revealed: DJ Fatxo’s ‘abnormal’ social media activity after Jeff Mwathi death

The death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi has captured the attention of the nation, and Kikuyu entertainer DJ Fatxo appears to be unfazed by the incident. It has come to light that on the day Mwathi died, Fatxo continued to post social media content to his 61,000 followers on Instagram, with no hint of any trouble brewing.

Fatxo’s four posts included a throwback Thursday photo of himself looking slimmer, a promotion for his YouTube channel, a photo of himself with an unidentified woman with whom he appeared to be affectionate, and a photo of himself in his signature look of bleached blond hair and sunglasses, advising men to make more money than their women or leave the relationship.

Mwathi died on February 23, 2023, at the apartment block where Fatxo lives. Fatxo had invited Mwathi for an interior design job, but they ended up clubbing late into the night in the company of Fatxo’s friends. In the wee hours of the morning, Mwathi’s body was found having fallen from the 10th floor apartment, with his trousers around his knees.

Initially, witnesses claimed that Mwathi had died by suicide, but police have cast doubt on this theory. Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kindiki Kithure has ordered a thorough probe by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation. Fatxo has been cooperating with law enforcement authorities as they unravel Mwathi’s death.

Mwathi’s family has maintained that their kin was a happy young man with a positive outlook on life and never had any suicide ideation, as initial investigations concluded. Questions are being asked about how Fatxo behaved in the aftermath of Mwathi’s death, especially how they allegedly lied about Mwathi’s whereabouts to his girlfriend. Several companies have also cut ties with the artiste.