Eric Omondi : Women and Alcohol Made me Waste Millions of Money, I still Regret. .

Eric Omondi recalls the mistake he made while at Churchill show. Eric said that he really regrets wasting millions of money on Women, alcohol and partying from Monday to Sunday. Eric said that he was young and stupid.

How Eric Omondi made millions of money from Churchill Show.

Eric  was made by Churchill and his journey to becoming a millionaire started at Churchill show. It took Eric only 3 weeks to become famous and one of the favourite comedians of Churchill Show.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali. Eric Omondi said that he started making millions of money, during season 2 of Churchill show.

Eric said that he used to even have like 5 shows in a day and all were paying big cheques. He really made millions of money and he was a very big deal then. That time he was still in his 20s.

How Eric Wasted his money.

Eric Omondi openly revealed that the biggest mistakes he has ever made, is wasting his money on alcohol and women. Eric Omondi said that he was very young and stupid.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi with Wife Material ladies.

He didn’t know how to invest, so the money he made, he used it to party. He used to spoil women and buy alcohol in bulk.

That is how a huge amount of money he made from Churchill Show season 2, was squandered.

The only Investment he did.

Eric Omondi said that he regrets wasting his money on Women and Alcohol, but he used a bit of his brain to invest in his brand.

Eric said his brand is now bigger, and it is the one that is helping him to make a living. Eric said he is now mature and he is even planning to get married in the coming years.