Esther Musila 53: Why I Look Younger Than Guardian Angel 33 Despite Being 20 Years Older

Esther Musila, at the age of 53, the spouse of gospel artist Guardian Angel, has revealed the secrets behind maintaining her youthful figure and appearance, even though she is 18 years older than her husband.

Despite the noticeable age difference, Musila has captured the attention of many with her well-proportioned figure. “I engage in regular exercise, and my preferred form of physical activity is dancing,” she shared.

Explaining her physique, Musila attributes it partly to nature. She mentioned that she was quite slender in her 30s and 40s but experienced a sudden weight gain during the Covid-19 period. Musila also acknowledged the impact of hormonal changes as women approach the age of 50, leading to rapid weight gain.

Apart from her workout routine, Musila places significant emphasis on maintaining a careful diet. “I keep my first meal light, avoid wheat products, and steer clear of sugar. I’m not a consumer of sugar. Additionally, I make sure to stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water and incorporating a substantial amount of vegetables into my meals. I eat twice a day and only consume sugar-free tea at night,” she added.

This revelation comes several months after the gospel singer Guardian Angel shared his personal journey, highlighting the discrimination he faced within the church for marrying Esther Musila, a woman older than him.

During the launch of his Gospel music record label, 7 Heaven, Guardian Angel credited the success of his music career to his wife, expressing gratitude for her unwavering support during a period when he faced online trolling due to his choice of life partner.

Guardian Angel, who is 33 years old, exchanged vows with Esther Musila, aged 52, in a vibrant wedding ceremony in 2021. Reflecting on their relationship, he disclosed that after just three weeks of getting to know Esther, he had already decided to marry her, recognizing her profound impact on his life.

Guardian Angel also addressed the relentless scrutiny from bloggers regarding their age difference. He criticized the invention of captions and misleading posts, stating that the headlines consistently revolved around his wife’s age. Despite enduring a continuous stream of insults, he proudly acknowledged that they are now celebrating the fourth year of their marriage.