Grandfather Enters Lodging to Look for a Lady to EAT, Only to Find Out One of the girls Is His Daughter

The commotion erupted on Friday, December 1, in a lodging facility in Kirinyaga County after a grandfather, who had gone to seek pleasures, ended up finding his own granddaughter as the attendant.

According to  informant in the Makutano area, situated on the border of Embu, Kirinyaga, Murang’a, and Machakos counties, the grandfather shouted in disbelief upon realizing the unexpected situation.

“It turns out that the prostitutes rent rooms inside the lodges and, dressed semi-naked, they wait for customers to boost their business,” a source told Taifa Leo.

In this particular incident, a 64-year-old retired teacher entered one of the lodges seeking companionship for the price of 200 Kenyan Shillings.

“I saw the old man enter one of the rooms, and the door was closed. After a while, I heard him shouting and calling out the names of his gods,” narrated the lodge’s caretaker.

He added that upon knocking on the door, the old man opened it while undressed from the waist down.

“The girl was covered with a blanket, crying. We asked what was happening, and that’s when the grandfather admitted that the girl, aged only 17, was his granddaughter who had dropped out of school two years ago,” the caretaker said.

He further explained that the grandfather entered the room but was shocked to see the girl covering her face with the blanket.

“He only discovered why the girl was hiding her face when he opened the blanket and realized that the grandfather had already exposed himself in front of his granddaughter,” the informant said.

The old man was crying, questioning what ritual he could perform without exposing his immorality and also to cleanse the shame of being seen naked intentionally by his granddaughter.

“Everyone who heard the story agreed that the situation was complicated and required divine intervention. We advised the grandfather to leave the place and seek a solution to his troubles in the privacy of his home,” the informant added.

The girl, too, faced the consequences of being a 17-year-old and was expelled from the lodge.