Kamene Goro opens up on being pregnant with her first child. -

Kamene Goro opens up on being pregnant with her first child.

On Wednesday morning, Kamene Goro, a former radio presenter, found herself clarifying a misconception among some Kenyans who had erroneously assumed that she was expecting her first child.

On one of her social media posts, a flurry of comments poured in, with some individuals making remarks about her physical appearance, suggesting that she appeared larger than usual. Kamene, who is married to Deejay Bonez, was taken aback by the comments and couldn’t comprehend why people felt it was acceptable to be judgmental and speculate about her personal life.

In response to the situation, Kamene expressed her surprise and amusement, saying, “So I woke up this morning to a barrage of hurtful and ignorant comments on my recent post. I’m genuinely shocked and amused. I’ll never understand why some people’s initial reaction is to be hurtful or unkind and the wild assumptions some of you make about MY life. It both shocks and amuses me.” She conveyed these sentiments via Instagram.

The 31-year-old was quick to set the record straight, firmly stating that she was not pregnant. She also emphasized that if she were pregnant, she wouldn’t hesitate to share the news with the world. Kamene asserted, “I’m not pregnant. If I were, trust me, the entire world would have known from day one. Not that I owe anyone an explanation. I love my body with all its curves and edges, and I owe nobody the kind of body they expect me to have. Let’s be clear about that.” She continued, “I’m just fine, living the life I’ve always wanted. So, how about this morning, you start working toward the life you want and leave behind that negativity. You’ll start making progress.”

In a recent candid Q&A session on Instagram with her fans, Kamene disclosed that anyone anticipating news of her pregnancy would have to wait quite a while.

During the session a few days ago, a question arose about her and Deejay Bonez’s plans to expand their family. A curious fan inquired, “How long should we wait for the baby?”

Kamene’s response was succinct but straightforward, “You will have to wait.”