“Hiyo Kienyejiii Imeweza” Reactions After A Girl Gives Timmy Tdat an Epic Lap Dance While on Stage

One of the renowned secular musicians in Kenya, veteran artist Timmy Tdat, recently generated a buzz on the internet with his electrifying performance during the pre-Valentine show held in Kilifi.

As the star of the night, Timmy was captivating the audience with his popular hit song “Kichwa tu,” featuring Ssaru and Triomio. However, the atmosphere took an unexpected turn when a young lady from the crowd decided to join him on stage. Possessing a curvaceous figure and an enchanting presence, she began twerking and eventually treated Timmy Tdat to an extraordinary lap dance.

Timmy found it difficult to conceal his emotions as the girl showcased her impeccable dance moves, causing him to visibly react with open admiration. The viral video circulated rapidly across various online platforms, and Instagram users were quick to praise the lady’s remarkable dancing skills, considering her lap dance to be of the highest quality. Some even expressed their desire to be in Timmy Tdat’s shoes, acknowledging the apparent awe-inspiring experience.

Although Timmy Tdat had maintained a low profile for a while, it is evident that he is making a strong resurgence in the Kenyan music industry. Releasing a series of impressive tracks, he has demonstrated his prowess and garnered significant attention. Notably, his collaboration with Masauti has gained considerable popularity on YouTube, further solidifying his comeback.