Daddy Owen: “Kutoka Nianze Kudate Charlene Ruto, Wasichana Wanajituma Sana”, Over 1000 Women Want Me to Marry Them.

One of Kenya’s renowned gospel singers, Daddy Owen, recently made a public revelation expressing his preference for marrying a village girl with good values. In Kenya, young women with a rural mindset are often colloquially referred to as “Kienyejiii Pro Max.”

Following his announcement, numerous women have expressed their interest in becoming his life partner. Daddy Owen, recognized as one of the wealthiest musicians in Kenya, enjoys considerable success in the gospel music industry, making him a desirable match for many.

During an interview with Presenter Ali, Owen disclosed that he receives more than 500 direct messages (DMs) daily. Within just two days, the musician had already amassed over 1000 DMs, all of which were marriage proposals from Kenyan women. Owen clarified that he is not taking advantage of any lady; rather, he is genuinely discerning about the qualities he values in a potential life partner and will carefully select the best-suited “Kienyejii.”