MC Gogo: Mimi Hulipisha Ksh.250,000 Per Show.

MC Gogo has risen to prominence as one of Kenya’s most renowned and celebrated hypemen and MCs, particularly in the lively atmosphere of clubs and major entertainment events. His journey to fame began as a result of some enjoyable escapades during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gogo took to platforms like Facebook and various social media outlets to provide entertainment for people during the quarantine season, and this marked the inception of his rise to stardom.

Following the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gogo’s talents caught the attention of many, and he began receiving invitations to perform at clubs and events. The online community was enamored with his infectious energy, and from that point on, Gogo has consistently made significant strides in his career. His abilities have even taken him beyond Kenya’s borders, leading to international bookings, all thanks to his exceptional skills.

Despite his academic background as a graduate with a degree in Psychology, Gogo has chosen to pursue a successful career in the entertainment industry. In an interview with SPM Buzz, he openly acknowledged that his innate talents have proven to be a lucrative venture. He highlighted that while he usually prefers to directly negotiate the terms with the client, his performance fees can sometimes reach an impressive sum of up to Ksh. 250,000 per show. In some cases, he has the privilege of working with generous promoters who are willing to offer additional compensation due to the high-quality work he consistently delivers.

Beyond his earnings from live events, Gogo has also ventured into the television industry, securing a lucrative partnership with TV 47. He serves as a co-host alongside Willis Raburu and together, they regularly host the popular “Wabebe Experience,” a Friday night show that garners significant viewership. This additional venture significantly contributes to his overall income, making Gogo a multi-faceted entertainer with a thriving career in the Kenyan entertainment scene.