“Msipeana hiyo siku”- Sabina Chege asks women to ‘funga server’ on election date till Raila becomes president.

Murang’a County Woman Representative, Sabina Chege has asked ladies to not give in to their husband’s conjugal rights on August 9th until Raila becomes president.

She said that Raila is the president that Kenyans need adding that he deserves to be president.

I am asking men to forgive us that day. We shall close the ‘server’ until Baba becomes the president,

she said.

Sabina also made shocking revelation as she continued wooing in more supporters from Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader, Raila Odinga.

Raila is seeking to succeed President Uhuru in the August General Elections.Sabina who was speaking in Chavakali on Thursday, 10, she said that Azimio and the Deep State will make sure that Raila becomes the 5th President.

She went on to reveal that in 2017, the Presidential elections were won by Raila but were ruled in favor of Uhuru.She went on to reveal that this time, the deepstate will rig in Raila even if Deputy President William Ruto wins the election.

“In Central, people are saying we stole the elections, kuna ka ukweli kidogo (There is some truth in that). “Kama tulijua kuiba kura, si ata hii tutafanya nini,” said Sabina as the crowd cheered.

“Kwani wanafikiria wao ni wajanja? Lakini sisi tuko na watu,” Sabina said.