Dr. Ofweneke reveals Gbag Na Jug Hit maker, Stoopid Boy Cancelled Their TV Interview ,they wanted Money

Dr. Ofweneke disclosed that the anticipated appearance of Stoopid Boy, the renowned Gbag Na Jug Hit maker, on TV 47 was abruptly canceled due to his demand for payment.

“We had arrangements for Stoopid Boy to grace our show, but unfortunately, he withdrew last minute, citing the need for compensation for his appearance.”

According to Dr. Ofweneke, despite the enthusiasm from fans to see Stoopid Boy on the show, he deliberately opted out.

Expressing his disappointment, Dr. Ofweneke criticized Stoopid Boy’s decision, emphasizing his prioritization of monetary gain. He warned that there might come a time when Stoopid Boy seeks media support for his subsequent releases but may face similar disappointments.

“When the occasion arises for you to promote your future singles and you approach me for support, remember this incident. We won’t forget, we’ll reflect,” remarked Dr. Ofweneke.