“Gospel ni umalaya tupu kenya” KRG The Don calls out immorality among Kenyan gospel artistes

Renowned Kenyan dancehall artist Stephen Karuga Kimani, famously known as KRG The Don, has raised concerns about the authenticity and moral compass of the Kenyan gospel music sector. During a recent online dialogue, KRG The Don, renowned for his chart-topping track “Mambo Imechemka,” expressed his disillusionment, sparking a widespread discourse.

Unreservedly, KRG The Don criticized the Kenyan gospel industry, highlighting prevalent issues such as deceit and jealousy, which he believes have stunted its growth in contrast to the vibrant gospel scene in neighboring Tanzania. He specifically called out the prevalence of immoral conduct, notably adultery, among gospel musicians in Kenya, painting a stark picture of the industry’s ethical landscape.

In his impassioned address, KRG The Don called for a paradigm shift within the gospel community, advocating for unity and mutual support among artists instead of the prevalent culture of undermining and rivalry. He emphasized the necessity for collaborative efforts to uplift one another, rather than perpetuating a cycle of negativity and division.

“Gospel ni umalaya tupu,” lamented KRG The Don, decrying what he perceives as a pervasive atmosphere of hypocrisy within the gospel realm. He urged Christians to introspect, particularly on their reluctance to extend forgiveness and support to those grappling with personal struggles like alcoholism, highlighting the detrimental impact of hypocrisy on the community.

KRG The Don’s remarks echo sentiments expressed by former gospel singer Willy Paul, who recently disclosed his harrowing experiences within the industry, citing a toxic environment that pushed him to the brink of suicide. Willy Paul shed light on issues ranging from unpaid performances to the moral duplicity of preachers and fellow musicians driven more by financial gain than spiritual integrity.