Makerere university ranked best ahead of Nairobi university Africa Rankings -

Makerere university ranked best ahead of Nairobi university Africa Rankings

According to the latest Webometrics rankings, Makerere University has been named as the 13th best university in Africa and the top university outside of South Africa and Egypt. This ranking was based on an evaluation of 11,993 universities worldwide, taking into consideration factors such as excellence, openness, and impact. Out of the 2,089 universities in Africa, Makerere University was ranked 30th in terms of impact and visibility, 37th in terms of openness, and 28th in terms of excellence.

The Webometrics survey is an initiative of the Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Científicas, a Spanish public research body. The impact and visibility of Makerere University was evaluated based on the number of links on web pages that refer to or have information about the university. The openness of the university was evaluated based on the number of citations of works and articles by the staff, while excellence was evaluated based on the number of papers among the top 10 percent cited in each discipline in the last five years.

However, according to Prof Cyprian Misinde, the director of quality assurance at Makerere University, the university is still working to achieve its target of being the top university in Africa. He explained that many of the university’s staff publish in closed-access journals, which limits the global visibility and impact of their work. To improve its position, Makerere University is encouraging partnerships with other universities globally and exploring opportunities to sign MoUs with credible journals and publishers for open access publishing.

On the other hand, Kampala International University, which was ranked 56th in Africa and second in Uganda, was named the best private university in the country. The vice chancellor of the university, Mr Mouhammed Mpezamiligo, stated that their goal is to produce globally skilled and entrepreneurial graduates who are equipped to succeed in the current job market.

It should be noted that some top law schools, including Yale and Harvard, have withdrawn from various university rankings due to credibility issues. Makerere University is reportedly reviewing its participation in each of these rankings and will make a decision on whether to continue participating in some or not all.