Tiktoker Cindy Breaks Down in Tears, After Being Denied Food at Chira’s Burial.

TikTok sensation Cindy, a prominent figure within Kenya’s TikTok community, made headlines when she attended Brian Chira’s burial ceremony in Gitunguri. Known for her catchphrase ‘Nyonga na mia,’ Cindy’s presence at the funeral stirred quite a commotion when she was seen shedding tears.

Cindy’s emotional display stemmed from a sense of disappointment, either due to missing out on food or being denied access to it. According to her, a funeral serves the purpose of mourning, honoring the deceased, and partaking in a hearty meal afterward.

Expecting a satisfying meal, Cindy arrived with a keen appetite, only to find herself limited to water and soda, which she likened to mere appetizers rather than substantial sustenance. Expressing her frustration, she questioned the whereabouts of the over Ksh 8 million raised for the event, as the lack of food left her and presumably others dissatisfied.

Assigning blame to the organizers for the absence of proper provisions, Cindy’s tears reflected her discontent with the funeral proceedings, as she believed that the absence of food detracted from the event’s overall quality.