Shame! Married Woman Badly Humiliated After Being Busted In The Act With Her Neighbors Son.

There was drama in Gitweku, Murang’a County on Friday, September 3,after a married woman was busted making out with her neighbors 19-years-old son.

The lady identified as Monica Wagairi, 42, is said to have been seen entering her house then was momentarily followed by the young man to the house ready for the action.

Speaking to a local daily, neighbors said that the lady has made it a habit to entice young men in the area with money in return for sex.

She is said to have been busted earlier last year with another 19-years-old man but vowed to never repeat her dirty deeds again.

She has made it a habit to entice young boys around here with money. She doesn’t have kids of her own and maybe that’s the reason she is taking advantage of our young unemployed teenyboppers,

commented a neighbor.

The lady was paraded around Gitweku area to serve as a lesson to other ‘perverted’ ladies in the same mission.

The husband is yet to comment on the matter but according to sources, area village elders are said to have had a sit down with the husband yesterday, September 4, 2021 but details are scanty of the agenda.

Since the man in question is not a minor, the case has been pushed to area elders and Nyumba Kumi leaders.