Nadia Mukami reacts to pastor Kanyari unboxing CD’s in church pulpit“Madhabahu hayachezewi aki”

Pastors have increasingly turned to social media to expand their followings, and just when it seemed none could outdo Pastor Ng’ang’a’s antics, Pastor Kanyari emerged on the scene.

For several weeks, Pastor Kanyari has been actively engaging with his audience on TikTok, where anything seems to go.

Notably, he recently prayed for LGBTQ socialite Chokuu’s sexuality in a lighthearted manner, and he was visibly taken aback when a braless woman flaunted her assets during a TikTok live session.

Adding to his controversial actions, this past weekend, Kanyari posted a video of himself receiving condoms and Arimis petroleum jelly from fans. They joked that he might need these items given his recent interactions with young women while searching for a wife.

Singer Nadia Mukami has expressed her disapproval of Kanyari’s antics, especially since they occurred in front of his congregation. She believes the pastor needs to rein in his behavior.

Mukami criticized Pastor Kanyari on her Instagram page, emphasizing that there should be limits to content creation.

“The video of Pastor Kanyari is cringe-worthy. There should be boundaries when it comes to the altar. Content creation must have limits, out of respect for the church and our religion, and for the fear of God,” wrote Nadia Mukami. She concluded with, “The altar should not be taken lightly.”