Doctors Remove Mobile Phone From Prisoner's Stomach -
Doctors Remove Mobile Phone From Prisoner's Stomach
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Doctors Remove Mobile Phone From Prisoner’s Stomach

It is tragic for the family of the prisoner who swallowed his cell phone while he was being arrested by cops at his home. As indicated by the news which was shared on social platforms, the prisoner chose to swallow his cell phone after noticing that it has proof which will lead him to imprison.

Despite that, the prisoner was affected by the cell phone in his stomach until he was rushed to hospital so that to examine what is affecting him. He was in imprisoned for over three weeks where he had his telephone in stomach.

As indicated by the reports from the specialists in certain hospital here in Nairobi , they figured out how to remove cell phone from the stomach. The telephone was going to kill him as it has remained for long without cops noticing what occurred.

It is now time for the police officers make sure they don’t harrase people while arresting them. The government mist provide enough security to the people so that they can be safe while in custody. Remember to wear mask and maintain social distance so that we can overcome this deadly disease called covid-19 in our country.