Jalang’o speaks on not help Brian Chira despite his cry when alive

Langata Constituency Member of Parliament, Phelix Odiwour, commonly known as Jalang’o, has finally broken his silence regarding the passing of Tiktoker Brian Chira.

Jalang’o addressed inquiries during the captivating RahaFest concert on Saturday, the 30th of the month. Plug TV, a local digital media outlet, pressed the lawmaker for his thoughts on Chira’s public appeals for assistance amid his various challenges.

Expressing his regret, Jalang’o commented, “It deeply saddens me that after his (Chira) demise, I came across a video where he pleaded, saying, ‘Jalango, I need your help. I need you to assist me.’ It pains me greatly that I only saw this video after his passing.”

He continued, “I wish I had seen it sooner. I would have engaged him in a conversation to understand his needs. It pains me immensely that I saw that video much later.”

Offering his final respects to the late Tiktoker, Jalang’o conveyed his condolences, stating, “May God rest his soul in eternal peace.” He urged creatives to ensure their legacies endure in the hearts of Kenyans even after their demise, remarking, “Today you’re a top artist, tomorrow you’re someone else.”

Regarding allegations of misbehavior by TikTokers during Brian Chira’s funeral, Jalang’o remarked, “Youthful exuberance. It passes and it passes quickly. Let’s acknowledge that they are youths. You can’t suppress TikTokers in today’s world.”

He commended the TikTok community for their significant contributions towards Brian Chira’s burial, saying, “There are funerals of notable Kenyans where even raising 1 million shillings is a challenge. Surprisingly, TikTokers managed to raise 8 million shillings. It’s a community that cannot be underestimated.”

Jalang’o concluded with a poignant reflection, “If you haven’t learned anything from Chira’s death, then you’re not paying attention. Many will express love for you once you’re gone, but when you’re in the desert crying out for water, few will quench your thirst. Yet when you’re dead, they’ll bring an ocean.”