“He is all mine!” – Alleged marriage breaker KAREN NYAMU shares a romantic video with SAMIDOH as Edday battles cold nights in America! See what she told a nosy fan.

Controversial city politician Karen Nyamu has sparked a conversation among Netizens once again. This time, it’s because she posted a video of her goofing around with her baby daddy, Samidoh. The two were seen enjoying a meal after attending a workout session together. Karen took a selfie video of the moment, and she posted it on her TikTok account.

One of her fans commented on her timeline, accusing her of forcing her relationship with the popular Mugithi singer. However, Karen confessed that Samidoh is the love of her life. This confession only fueled the conversation around the controversial relationship.

Meanwhile, Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, is currently out of the country with their kids on vacation. It seems that Karen and Samidoh are making the most of Edday’s absence and enjoying each other’s company. This has raised concerns among fans of the Mugithi singer, who believe that he should prioritize his marriage and family.

The public scrutiny of Samidoh’s personal life began when he admitted to fathering a child with Karen Nyamu, who is a city politician. The revelation caused an uproar, with many fans condemning the singer for cheating on his wife. Despite this, Samidoh apologized to his fans and his wife, and they reconciled.

Karen Nyamu, on the other hand, has faced criticism for her relationship with Samidoh. Many believe that she is taking advantage of the singer’s fame and position. However, Karen has maintained that their relationship is based on genuine love and affection.

In conclusion, the video of Karen Nyamu and Samidoh enjoying a meal together has reignited the controversy surrounding their relationship. With Samidoh’s wife out of the country, the two seem to be making the most of their time together. However, the public scrutiny of their relationship continues, with many fans concerned about the impact on Samidoh’s family life.