DJ Shiti talks about being broke and homeless,’Wakenya nisaidieni Nalala Nje’

Comedian DJ Shiti has firmly refuted recent allegations suggesting that he’s been forced out of his residence by his landlord. During an exclusive interview with Plug TV, the former Real House Helps of Kawangware star emphasized his unwavering commitment to the purpose he came to Nairobi for.

“We all remember the reason we ventured to Nairobi,” he affirmed. “Our journey here is a quest, and I won’t let circumstances get the best of DJ Shiti. I refuse to accept that fate.”

DJ Shiti also underscored his innate organizational skills and the invaluable lessons he’s gleaned from industry luminaries. His self-assuredness remains unshaken as he faces this challenge, resolute in his pursuit of his dreams.

This declaration from the comedian arrives in the wake of rumors surrounding his purported eviction from his Nairobi abode. The ensuing outpouring of support for DJ Shiti across social media platforms attests to his widespread admiration for his indomitable spirit and tenacity.

In Kenya, DJ Shiti is a well-established figure, renowned for his comedic talents and acting prowess. His claim to fame includes a prominent role in the highly popular reality TV show, Real House Helps of Kawangware. Beyond his entertainment career, he has also carved out a successful niche as a business entrepreneur with his own merchandise line.

DJ Shiti’s unequivocal denial of eviction reports provides solace to his ardent fan base. His unwavering determination and resilience shine through, illustrating that he is a symbol of strength and an unwavering inspiration to many. His narrative stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who steadfastly pursue their ambitions.