Diamond Platnumz Explains why His Kenyan Son With Socialite Tanasha is his favourite baby

Diamond Platnumz recently sat down for an interview with Kenyan journalists just before his performance at the Ngong Racecourse. During the conversation, he openly discussed his children, mentioning that they all reside with their respective mothers. Diamond emphasized that he tries to spend quality time with them whenever his busy schedule allows.

One of the journalists raised the question of whether Diamond favors his youngest son, Naseeb Junior, over his other children. In response, Diamond clarified that he treats all of his children equally. However, he acknowledged that he naturally spends more time with Naseeb Junior because of his age.

The topic of his relationship with Zari Hassan’s boyfriend, Shakib Cham, was also broached by a journalist. Diamond expressed that he maintains a positive and cordial relationship with Cham. Both of them are dedicated to setting positive examples for their children.

Lastly, another journalist inquired about how Diamond manages to maintain healthy relationships with his children’s mothers, Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna. Diamond stressed the importance of dedicating time to his children, even when his schedule is demanding. In summary, Diamond Platnumz’s message was clear: he loves all of his children equally, values quality time with them, and strives to foster positive relationships in their lives.