‘She wasn’t kissing me, she was eating me’ – Diamond names Girl who gave him the best kiss ever  -

‘She wasn’t kissing me, she was eating me’ – Diamond names Girl who gave him the best kiss ever 

Renowned Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz recently unveiled his most unforgettable kissing experience during the premiere of season 2 of the popular Netflix reality series, Young, Famous & African. In a surprising confession, Diamond admitted that the best kiss he had ever received was from none other than Ghanaian musician and model, Francine Koffie, also known as Fantana.

During one of the scenes in the reality series, Diamond and Fantana shared an intimate moment, locking lips in a passionate display of affection. The controversial singer, known for his charismatic charm, humbly admitted that he believed he was an excellent kisser until he experienced the prowess of Fantana’s technique.

“I thought I was the best at kissing until I kissed Fantana,” Diamond confessed, clearly astonished by the encounter.

Describing the intensity of their embrace, Diamond exclaimed, “She wasn’t kissing me, she was eating me!” It was evident that the chemistry between them had created an electrifying connection, leaving Diamond convinced that Fantana’s kiss surpassed any he had received throughout his 33 years of existence.

Despite their captivating on-screen chemistry, it is important to note that Fantana and Diamond do not have a romantic history. However, their undeniable connection on the show has undoubtedly left fans intrigued and wanting to see more.

Season 2 of Netflix’s Young, Famous & African introduces a stellar cast, including notable personalities such as Khanyi Mbau, Annie Macaulay-Idibia, Zari Hassan, Andile Ncube, Swanky Jerry, Naked DJ, Nadia Nakai, Kayleigh Schwark, and 2Baba. Joining this star-studded lineup are new additions: Ghanaian musician Fantana, Namibian designer and former Big Brother Africa housemate Luis Tshita Munana, and South African icon Bonang Matheba.

The reality series follows the lives of affluent young media stars based in Johannesburg, South Africa, as they navigate their careers, pursue love interests, and rekindle past flames. Its return for a second season has generated excitement among fans, with Zari celebrating the news and sharing a video featuring the cast members, including Diamond, who appeared deep in thought while enjoying a drink in a corner of the room.

Diamond Platnumz’s revelation about his unforgettable kiss with Fantana has added an intriguing twist to the ongoing drama and anticipation surrounding Young, Famous & African season 2. Fans eagerly await further episodes to witness the unfolding connections and captivating narratives of these influential personalities.