”Hakuna Kitu Boring Ka Manzi Anajua ni Mhot, Mutasumbuana Bure” Kibe Advises Men

Award-winning content creator Andrew Kibe has once again shared controversial advice for men, sparking a heated online debate, as is often the case with the former radio presenter’s guidance.

Kibe used his X account to offer counsel to men seeking relationships or companionship with women. In his advice, he warned against pursuing relationships with beautiful and self-aware women, characterizing them as a dull and uninteresting group. He humorously referred to them as “Kinuthias,” a term implying simplicity. Instead, Kibe suggested that men should date women within their social class and avoid attempting to upgrade their social status when it comes to dating.

According to Kibe, “Hakuna kitu boring kaa manzi anajua ni mhot…mutasumbuana bure. Don’t go chasing waterfalls; stick to the onguras you’re used to, Kinuthia!” This statement attracted a flurry of reactions from his followers, with some expressing agreement and others taking the opportunity to share their own dating insights in the comments section.

One follower suggested a strategy of showing minimal interest to make a woman curious about the lack of attention. Another shared a personal experience, stating that pursuing a highly attractive woman led to a challenging and attitude-filled encounter. Others expressed the importance of having a partner who commands respect and can contribute meaningfully in family discussions, emphasizing that attractiveness alone is not enough.

Kibe’s fans are eagerly anticipating his arrival on 3/12/2023 for his “Graduation event.” He previously shared an invitation to an event in Dubai, marking it as the first pit stop on his journey to the highly anticipated day in Nairobi.