G7 Diplomats Criticize UK’s Move To Carry African Leaders On Bus As Unfair Treatment

Photos of African Leaders being carried on a bus to attend the queens burial have elicited mixed reactions from many across the continent of Africa. In the photo, the African heads of state are seen in one coach a thing that has been heavily criticized by the G7. After arriving at the airport, the African heads of state had to leave their vehicles and board the coach provided for them by the UK government.

Members of the G7 including the US, Canada, France, Japan, Italy and Germany have heavily criticized the move and did insist that the African Leaders and other common wealth should have been accorded a VIP reception even to the venue of the funeral. Among the African heads of state in the UK were Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu, Kenyan president William Ruto among others.

Other world leaders including the president of the United States, was accorded a VIP reception and was allowed to use his presidential escort and famous US President’s armoured vehicle popularly known as ‘the beast’. The G7 diplomats insisted that the African Leaders and also other commonwealth countries should have been allowed to use their vehicles with their full security details accorded to them.

Africa definitely has the highest number of nations in the commonwealth and many expected that they would be given a better treatment like heads of state from other nations. The matter has elicited mixed reactions with others even telling the African heads of state to reconsider their allegiance to the commonwealth. There are UpTo 19 nations from Africa in the commonwealth out of the 54.

The commonwealth consists of nations that were initially British colonies before attainment of their independence. From the look of things, only African Leaders obeyed the UK’s directive while others were totally against it.