Musician Benachi: ” I Left Kenya to USA With Nothing But Now I Own A Mansion and Car Worth 10 Million”

Renowned musician Benachi, celebrated for his hit song ‘Mwanake,’ stands as one of Kenya’s most accomplished gospel artists. Currently residing in the United States, he epitomizes the epitome of success.

In a recent interview with 2mbili, Benachi recounted his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a millionaire in the USA. Reflecting on his past in Kenya, just seven years ago, he was a hustler, peddling compact discs, selling second-hand clothes (‘mitumba’), and assisting in video productions alongside his gospel music endeavors.

The pivotal shift occurred when he made the decision to relocate to the United States, facilitated by his American wife. Arriving with virtually nothing, Benachi and his wife embarked on a journey of resilience and determination, starting from scratch.

Pooling their resources, they ventured into the car hire business, facing initial challenges but eventually witnessing remarkable success as their enterprise flourished. Today, they boast a diverse fleet of vehicles, catering to various clientele, a venture that has significantly transformed their lives.

Two years ago marked a milestone as Benachi invested in a lavish mansion worth millions in Atlanta, Georgia, a testament to their growing family. Last year, he fulfilled a long-held dream by acquiring his desired car, a GMC Denali valued at Ksh. 12 million.

During the interview, Benachi hinted at his burgeoning car collection, with plans to acquire a Rolls Royce Phantom worth Ksh. 100 million in the near future. This trajectory of success, fueled by his passion for gospel music and entrepreneurial spirit, exemplifies Benachi’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to remarkable achievements on both musical and personal fronts.