Harmonize zari is the sexiest Bosslady ever

Harmonize recently shared a video on social media in which Zari Hassan, Diamond Platinumz’s former partner and mother of his child, was captured vibing to his latest song, “Single.” Zari recorded two TikTok videos with the song, one with her friends and another alone. In the first video, she captioned it, “Coming back to my friends after taking their relationship advice,” while in the other, she stated, “That rich auntie who is always bragging how she married a billionaire, now divorced with a prenup.”

Harmonize was impressed with Zari’s dance moves and referred to her as “the sexiest boss lady ever.” He shared the video of Zari with her friends and added the tongue-wagging caption. Several fans reacted to the video and noted that Diamond’s former partners love Harmonize’s music. Some fans even advised Harmonize to try his luck with Zari.

Fans had mixed reactions to the video, with some supporting Harmonize and others remaining loyal to Diamond Platinumz. One fan, Cinnamon Baby, remained loyal to Harmonize, stating, “I am still team Kondeboy no matter what.” Another fan, Garrincha, commented on how all of Diamond’s former partners seem to enjoy Harmonize’s music. Chrissy Boy advised Harmonize to pursue Zari, saying, “Go ahead and take her.”