Nigerian Man Captured On CCTV Assaulting Kenyan lady On Wheelchair Deported to his Country

A Nigerian man, identified as Nwankwo Noko, was deported on May 4th after a disturbing incident where he physically assaulted his Kenyan partner, Ms. Pauline, who was confined to a wheelchair.

Surveillance footage captured Noko beating the helpless woman in what appeared to be a domestic setting. The video quickly circulated online, sparking outrage and prompting action from Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba, who met with the victim on May 1st. The incident was reported to the Karen Police Station.

Senator Orwoba expressed the difficulty Pauline faced in coming forward due to trauma from years of abuse. It was revealed that Noko, who was in Kenya on a work permit, had children with Pauline. She also disclosed threats made by Noko against her and her domestic workers if they testified against him.

Efforts to delay the case were uncovered, but Senator Orwoba intervened, ensuring the matter proceeded swiftly through the legal system. She condemned the assault, vowing to protect Pauline and her children from further harm or intimidation.

The Ministry of Gender, led by CS Aisha Jumwa, collaborated with the Ministry of Interior, headed by Kithure Kindiki, to address the issue. Noko was apprehended and processed for deportation on May 4th, thanks to the concerted efforts of various government bodies.

The swift response was commended by Kenyans, with digital strategist Dennis Itumbi praising Senator Orwoba and others involved in ensuring justice for Pauline.