Secondary School Female Teachers are Secretly Sleeping With Male Students At Night claims

Lydia Ngwiri, a secondary school teacher and counselor in Kenya, has shed light on the clandestine behaviors of educators involving students in the cover of darkness within the confines of school premises.

During an interview on the NTV morning show, Ngwiri disclosed that female students endure harsh experiences at the hands of male teachers. However, she emphasized that male students are not exempt from such incidents, revealing how certain female teachers entice schoolboys with materialistic incentives, ultimately leading them to rendezvous in vehicles at night for illicit satisfaction.

The counselor shared that she frequently receives reports from female students detailing advances made by teachers. In contrast, male students seldom come forward with such complaints. Drawing from her extensive experience, Ngwiri takes the initiative to report these cases to the school principal, who then assumes control of the entire situation.

In some instances, parents of the affected students are allegedly bribed, bringing an abrupt end to the entire process. However, in other cases, the matter is reported, leading to the dismissal of the implicated teachers by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Regrettably, in many boarding schools, male students become victims of homosexual advances, causing lasting trauma throughout their secondary school years.

Ngwiri proposes that students should be educated on recognizing the signs of inappropriate relationships. If they sense anything amiss, they are encouraged to promptly approach relevant school authorities and report the matter before it escalates further. This proactive approach aims to create a safer environment for students and prevent the perpetuation of such harmful incidents.