Kamene Goro Makes a Comeback on a New Station Mo Radio

Kenyan media personality, Kamene Goro, has recently made a highly anticipated radio comeback on a new station called Mo Radio. Taking the reins of her new show, titled “The Rush Hour,” Kamene will be entertaining listeners from 2 pm to 6 pm every weekday.

With an infectious enthusiasm, Kamene expressed her excitement, saying, “Allow me to drive you home today with good vibes on MoRadio.” The station, located in Mombasa, warmly welcomed the former Kiss FM presenter, showcasing their enthusiasm for her joining their team after her widely discussed departure from the Radio Africa-owned station.

Eager listeners were encouraged to tune in to Kamene’s show through the hashtag “MoRush with Kamene Goro. Enjoy,” as Mo Radio introduced a fresh voice to their lineup.

Just days before her radio comeback, Kamene confidently addressed those who doubted her future success. She scoffed at those eagerly anticipating her struggles and made it clear that suffering was not in her destiny. She shared, “I’m sorry that I’m not suffering as much as you wanted me to. It’s not my portion…”

Kamene made the decision to leave Kiss FM towards the end of January earlier this year. Although rumors circulated that she had been fired due to gross misconduct, Kamene dispelled these claims, clarifying that she had simply chosen not to renew her contract with the Radio Africa-owned radio station. Instead, she focused on building her personal brand before making her triumphant return to radio.

Congratulations are in order for Kamene Goro as she embarks on this new chapter of her career. Listeners can anticipate her trademark charisma, wit, and engaging personality to grace the airwaves once again on Mo Radio’s “The Rush Hour.”