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Shock as it emerges that Wetang’ula calls Raila at night every day to complain about Ruto; Junet Mohamed finally speaks.

Raila’s close ally, Junet Mohamed has finally spilled the beans over what happens at night after a busy day politicking.

The legislator revealed that Ford Kenya leader, Moses Wetang’ula is not happy with being in Kenya Kwanza.

Junet was speaking in Busia where he revealed that Wetang’ula is not happy and might be considering to ditch the alliance and Join Azimio.

The politician asked Wetang’ula to stop bothering Raila since they are in two different political divide.

He also went on to ask the Senator to stop his whining every night, otherwise, he should join Azimio if he is not okay in Kenya Kwanza.

“Nataka kuambia Senator Wetang’ula wacha kupiga simu usiku. Kama jua imekuwa kali huko rudi kwa baba haraka sana,” Junet said.