“Waache Waoane” Samidoh’s Wife Edday Is Not Coming Back To Kenya?

Edday Nderitu has made her stance abundantly clear, expressing no intention of reconciling with her husband, Samidoh. When a concerned fan reached out to her, she directed them to a previous post where she openly discussed her reservations about raising their children in a polygamous setting.

At present, Edday, the mother of three, is cherishing precious moments with her children in the United States and has no immediate plans to return home.

This revelation came to light during a Facebook exchange with a concerned fan named Kamau, who expressed dissatisfaction with Edday’s host, Bernice, for not supporting Edday’s decision to reunite with Samidoh.

Kamau told Edday, “I know you might think it’s jealousy, but I’m not here to praise Bernice. She wants you to leave Samidoh. That is highly inappropriate. You can’t abandon Samidoh just because he married another woman. Problems exist everywhere,”

In response, Edday refuted the idea and urged the fan to revisit a detailed post she had shared a few months ago.

“Do you remember the lengthy post I made some time ago? Only a few people truly understood what I meant,” replied Edday, the mother of three.

In a post from February, Edday openly expressed her concerns about raising their children in a polygamous marriage. She acknowledged the various challenges they had faced during their 15-year union, acknowledging the joys and struggles they had experienced together.

Despite enduring disrespect, humiliation, and online harassment, Edday had remained dedicated and faithful to Samidoh.

She firmly asserted her unwillingness to expose her children to a polygamous family structure, especially one involving a significantly older woman who lacks moral values and respect.

Currently, Samidoh is enjoying conjugal rights at Karen Nyamu’s residence, while his legally married wife, Edday, is in America with their children, as seen in his recent video.