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“I can hardly keep up with her” – 35-year-old Kenyan man praises sxxual prowess of 70-year-old Mzungu wife.

Bernard Musyoka, 35-year-old Kenyan man has praised his Mzungu wife for her sex prowess.

The Mzungu lady is twice his age and in a chat with a local daily, Musyoka said that Deborah Jan Spice, his wife, is very sexualy active.

The two met on Facebook in 2020 and started life as husband and wife and has stated that his wife is very romantic in bed.

“People have been asking whether I and my wife enjoy an intimate relationship… Yes, we do a lot. Actually she is ever ready. My wife is very romantic. She always feel 29, not 70,” he said.

Deborah is very active sexually… I can hardly keep up with her,

he added.

“My first girlfriend we met in 2016. We lived together for about two years but she was very demanding,” he said.

“The second one was with a Luo lady in Mombasa…we lost contact when she travelled upcountry with a one-year-old little boy which I believe was my son. It’s been more than ten years now. I think wherever she is she got married.

He also revealed that before he met Deborah, he was dating another German lady who used to pay his bills.

“She was 50 when we met on Facebook back in 2016. She used to spoil me. She bought me a nice motorcycle and a mountain bike before we parted ways,” he said.