Nairobi school asks parents to pay ksh 560,000 for 9 Day Trip to London ,Paris

A Nairobi School Tasks Parents to Pay Kshs 560,000 Per Student for a Trip to Paris. Many other schools are pleased to plan trips to Nairobi, the country’s capital, however Makini Schools go above and beyond to ensure that their students have lifelong experiences.

The school, which is noted for drawing in parents with substantial financial means, is one of the top early education institutions in the country.

According to a widely circulated circular received by parents, students are looking forward to their sightseeing trip to Europe in November of this year with great anticipation. Before returning to Kenya, they would travel for nine days through France and England.

This opportunity comes at a significant expense. For each child, parents would need to set aside Sh. 560,000 to cover the cost of their international trip and accommodations.

A round-trip ticket, the visa application fee, and all housing costs in Europe are included in this price. The only thing that is not covered is the student’s pocket money, which will be covered by the parent.

Students who are interested in the tour must have a valid passport to participate.

A Nairobi School Tasks Parents to Pay Kshs 560,000 Per Student for a Trip to Paris

While in England, they will visit the iconic Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal plays in the Premier League. They will also see additional remarkable locations in the British city.

At Disneyland Paris Theme Park in France, students will have the chance to experience delights that many kids can only imagine.

The school was started in 1978 by Mary Okello and her late husband Pius Okello. Riara Gardens Academy had only 8 students when it originally began.

The school was housed in the colonial cottage built by the founders.

The school was founded, according to the mother of three, because she perceived a need to improve educational standards across the country. Her dedication to her studies would prove to be the saving grace she need to join the Supreme Kenyan Billionaires club.

“A class would have 70 or 80 students per teacher, so we felt there was something that we needed to do,” she continued.

In 1996, junior, middle, and upper divisions were created inside the institution. 27 boys were accepted into Form 1 the same year that Makini Academy began offering secondary education. The following year, they also began admitting female students.

The educational center expanded to other locations and became into a reputable organization over time. There are numerous institutions of higher learning there.

These institutions are also referred to as Makini Schools, including Makini Cambridge, Makini Ngong Road Campus (Pre and Primary School), Makini Ngong Road Campus (High School), Makini Junior Academy, State House Avenue (Pre & Lower Primary), Makini Junior School Migosi, Makini School Kibos, and Makini School Kisumu.

2018 saw the Alliance High graduates sell a 71% stake in their alma mater to investors Schole Limited from the UK and Advtech Limited from South Africa. As a result, Okello collected more than Sh 1 billion from overseas investors.

According to Advtech’s purchase statement, “A 71 percent interest in Makini School Limited (via Schole Mauritius Limited) was acquired on 1 May 2018 for a consideration of R130.8 million (an equivalent of Ksh930 million).”