Kabogo Warns Ruto Against Dividing Mt Kenya Region.

Former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo has warned DP Ruto against dividing the vote rich Mt Kenya region.

Speaking at a function in Thika, Kabogo accused Ruto of dividing the region with his Hustler Nation narrative.

He added that the region has been united ever since independence and will not allow the second in command, an outsider, divided them in his bid to clentch the presidency.

“We should reject leaders who are dividing us,” Kabogo said.

Kabogo who is yet to declare whether he is on Deputy President, William Ruto or President Uhuru’s side said Ruto should not disregard Uhuru’s popularity in the region since it is his (Uhuru’s) political bedroom.

He further urged Mt Kenya Leaders to avoid divisive politics if they want the region to remain in power even after 2022.