Trust and loyalty are the most important virtues in a marriage. My name is Jill Amokebe from Lang’ata, 30 years old beautiful woman married to my lovely husband, Derrick Marko. When we got married to each other we had so much trust for each other until one day he told me face to face that he had started being insecure in what he termed as a fear to loose me….. CONTINUE READING

He started suspecting me on being social to every person irrespective of gender. I assured him that all was well and anything of that sort will never happen since I had already given my heart to him and promised him true love and I would never change my stand on him. But he was hesitant to believed me.

He could sometimes chase his male friends from the house when they came to visit him because he was so much insecure as he thought that we might be in love affairs with his close friends. I was very frustrated with my husband’s behavior but I couldn’t do anything. I wondered what had gotten into his entire mind for him to do that, to suspect me of immorality. This continued for a while until eventually he couldn’t give me my conjugal rights. This made me to be unhappy with him. We could not even sleep on the same bed. I was so hurt. I needed a man since my hubby had snubbed me my sexual rights. My husband was running crazy, one day I met a man in the road who then seduced me.

I hesitated to accept his request and he ended up asking for my phone number which I gave it out to him. When I was in the house with my hubby while not talking to one another the man started texting me insisting about his request of wanting me becoming his lover. I thought twice and since my hubby did not give me what we had married for, I accepted the request by the man. I did not know that it was a trap set for me until the same night my hubby came to me showing me the screenshots of the messages we were chatting with the man. He informed me that that is a clear evidence to show that I was cheating on him as he disclosed to me that he had paid his friend to seduce me so that he can be sure of whether I was cheating on him or not.

My hubby knew about it and he wanted a divorce between us. I was scared because I was not ready to lose him. I defended myself by telling him that I accepted the request from his friend because of loneliness, he had been ignoring me, but he never listened to me. He became so rough on me and he even failed to provide food on the table. Two days later, he never came back home from work and when I called him to know where he was he harshly informed me that he’s not ready to live with me