John the Baptist From Bungoma: Niko na Wanawake 46, Watoto 290 na Bado Naoa zaidi

The individual known as John the Baptist from Bungoma recently shared insights into his expansive family and how he navigates the responsibility of caring for over 300 members.

In an interview with an online media outlet, John disclosed that he has 46 wives, although sadly, four of them have passed away, leaving him with 42 wives. His youngest spouse is 23 years old and has already given birth to one child.

In terms of offspring, John boasts a staggering 290 children, who reside in various homesteads spread across eight different locations within Bungoma County. He mentioned that the current count of his grandchildren is beyond measure.

At 83 years old, John expressed his steadfast commitment to continuing to marry and bear children, citing it as a divine commandment from God. He identifies himself as the senior prophet who baptized Jesus Christ and asserts that he will not contravene God’s decree that humans should propagate and populate the earth.

John, who claims substantial wealth, owns over 300 acres of land in different parts of Western Kenya and possesses a considerable amount of livestock. Consequently, he asserts that providing for and maintaining his wives is not a challenge.

Furthermore, John confidently stated that he satisfies his wives in bed to such an extent that none of them would contemplate infidelity. He believes his prophetic abilities enable him to detect any such transgressions, instilling fear in his spouses and deterring them from straying.

John declared that God has revealed to him that he will live for 220 years, leaving him with over 170 years to continue marrying new wives until his demise.