Sugar mummies are trying their shot with me - Stevo Simple Boy -

Sugar mummies are trying their shot with me – Stevo Simple Boy

Stevo Simple Boy, the cheerful musician from Kibra, recently revealed that he has been receiving attention from sugar mummies who have been trying to pursue him through direct messages on social media. During an interview on ‘The Queen’s Podcast,’ Stevo disclosed that numerous sugar mummies have expressed their interest in him, promising him a life of luxury and assuring him that they won’t disappoint him. However, Stevo’s perspective on love, especially when it comes to sugar mummies, doesn’t align with their advances.

“I’ve had many of them slide into my DMs, but they haven’t been able to convince me completely. Yes, they have money, and that’s why they believe I would be interested,” he stated.

Nevertheless, Stevo expressed his reluctance to involve himself in the complicated dynamics involving sugar mummies, as he remains focused on his career, building his brand, and nurturing his family.

“Although sugar mummies claim to love me, I don’t want to be entangled with them because they would abandon me if I become occupied or engrossed in my work,” he explained.

Additionally, Stevo confirmed that he has been dating a woman named Grace Atieno for the past three years, dispelling any rumors of his single status.

It’s worth noting that Stevo had been single ever since parting ways with his former lover, Pritty Vishy, due to allegations of infidelity. Vishy claimed that Stevo failed to fulfill her needs, leading her to seek solace elsewhere.

When Vishy had the opportunity to present her side of the story, she mentioned that Stevo’s insecurities played a significant role in their breakup. There were also rumors suggesting that she leveraged the musician’s name to boost her own reputation, a claim she refuted, asserting that she had already achieved fame before meeting him.

Following his split from Vishy, Stevo was seen spending time with a woman named Jenny Wangui, who was believed to be his new love interest. However, she later admitted that their relationship was merely an attempt to gain publicity, acknowledging that it was nothing more than a pursuit of fame.