Dating Charlene Ruto Is like Paying Tax- Butita to Daddy Owen

Over the past few days, the Kenyan social and entertainment scene has been buzzing with speculation regarding a potential romantic connection between Charlene Ruto and gospel artist Daddy Owen.

This rumor has sparked a combination of curiosity and amusement, prompting various reactions from individuals, including comedian Eddie Butita, known for his sharp wit and humor. Butita took to social media to share his candid thoughts on the matter in a video that quickly gained viral status.

In the video, Butita humorously addressed the dating rumors, poking fun at the notion of Daddy Owen being romantically involved with the first daughter. With a mischievous grin, Butita remarked, “Kuna this trending rumor between Daddy Owen na Charlene Ruto. Maybe ni rumors, maybe ni ukweli. But kama ni ukweli then Daddy Owen ako na kazi. Daddy Owen, you are my friend. Let me tell you, dating the first daughter hiyo si dating, hiyo ni kazi.”

The comedian went on to playfully compare dating the President’s daughter to a job, emphasizing that it is not just a casual relationship but also an obligation.

Butita painted a vivid picture of the potential challenges that could accompany such a high-profile romance, likening it to navigating government agencies. “Hiyo ni obligation. Nikama kulipa Ushuru. Unajua huyu hata haitaji password kuona text zako. Kwao wako na DCI, wako na NYS. Yaani we ni simu tu utakuwa unapata kutoka Kiambu road. ‘Hello hapa ni DCI huyu Caro ni nani,’ Yaani we sahii ni mapenzi ambayo ni kazi,” he remarked, infusing satire into the situation.

In his characteristic comedic style, Butita playfully cautioned Daddy Owen about the complexities of dating someone with such a prominent family background. He also humorously envisioned scenarios where security agencies would intervene in the couple’s personal matters.

“There is no getting mad at each other at home. You fura kidogo then you see a Subaru following you. There is no solving marriage issues na wazazi, they are busy. The father is the President, if you have an issue, it’s DoD. chini ya ulinzi ya Mkubwa. You go there and tell the head of the military kwanini unakasirisha mtoto wa Commander,” Butita added with laughter.

While Butita’s reaction added a lighthearted touch to the dating rumors, fans and followers eagerly await any official confirmation or denial from the rumored couple. As the story continues to unfold, the entertainment world remains captivated by the unexpected and amusing twist in this rumored romance.