Comedian Dem Wa Facebook explains why she is a proud 'kienyeji' -

Comedian Dem Wa Facebook explains why she is a proud ‘kienyeji’

In the realm of Kenyan comedy, a name that has been creating ripples of laughter and leaving audiences in stitches is Dem Wa Facebook.

Her recent show-stealing performance at Captain Otoyo’s “Something must kill a Man” comedy event once again showcased her exceptional talent and unique brand of humor, earning her a well-deserved standing ovation from an adoring audience.

From an early age, Dem Wa Facebook developed a passion for comedy. Her father affectionately called her a “msaani” (artist), igniting her interest in entertaining people.

As a content creator, Dem Wa Facebook quickly gained recognition for her electrifying stage presence and ability to captivate audiences. She became a sought-after emcee for events and school functions, with aspiring comedians often feeling intimidated to perform after witnessing her stellar acts.

Her reputation as a talented entertainer caught the attention of the college dean, who encouraged her to audition for the prestigious Churchill Show.

Following the dean’s advice, Dem Wa Facebook made her debut on Churchill Show in Kakamega, where she impressed the likes of Mulamwah and Captain Otoyo. They mentored her on stage presence, delivery, and audience engagement.

Embracing her Luhya heritage, she incorporated jokes about being “kienyeji” (local) into her act, using humor as a means to empower women to embrace their uniqueness and beauty.

Dem Wa Facebook’s comedic journey flourished, and she attributes her success to Captain Otoyo’s guidance. Their collaboration on “Something must kill a man” was a comedic tour de force that left the audience roaring with laughter.

Like any comedian, Dame wa Facebook faced challenges, such as an unresponsive audience at Kenyatta University. However, Captain Otoyo offered valuable advice: comedy is a journey, and sometimes the audience will love your material, while other times they won’t.

Having entered the comedy scene only a year ago, Dem Wa Facebook’s debut on Churchill Show in April 2022 marked the beginning of an exciting journey.

Her most memorable show was the one in Kakamega, where she made a lasting impression on the audience and fellow comedians alike. Additionally, her exceptional performance at Captain Otoyo’s “Something must kill a man” comedy show catapulted her into the limelight, garnering her the adoration of fans.

Beyond comedy, Dem Wa Facebook ventured into endorsements, recently partnering with a sanitary pad company, showing genuine admiration for the brand and aspiring to secure more endorsements in the future.

Looking ahead, Dame wa Facebook aspires to achieve the level of success attained by her close friend and comedian MCA Tricky, whom she considers like a twin brother due to their similar appearances.

With her infectious humor and strong connection with audiences, Dem Wa Facebook has become one of Kenya’s funniest and most beloved comedians, blazing a trail in the Kenyan comedy scene.