Victor Wanyama’s Brother Denies Claims Footballer Is Morgan Bahati’s Father

Victor Wanyama’s brother has emphatically refuted claims suggesting that he is the father of Morgan Bahati, the son of Bahati and Diana Marua. The undisclosed brother dismissed the rumors as mere propaganda initiated by detractors with the intention of tarnishing Victor’s good reputation.

In an interview with Ankali Ray on Milele FM, Wanyama’s brother clarified that Victor has never been romantically involved with Diana Marua. He revealed that Victor is currently in Canada and insisted that the allegations were baseless, emphasizing that the supposed connection between Victor and Diana Marua was fabricated.

When questioned about the apparent resemblance between Victor Wanyama and Morgan Bahati, the brother asserted that Morgan does not share their family genes. According to him, their family is known for producing individuals with robust physiques, and Morgan’s physique does not align with their family traits. He emphasized that physical resemblance does not necessarily indicate a familial relationship.

“People resemble each other. You know our family has people with huge bodies, Morgan is not. And if it was true Victor Wanyama fathered Morgan Bahati, then he would have told us. Victor has one child only, the one with Serah,” he added.

These statements come in response to recent speculations that Victor Wanyama is Morgan Bahati’s father, which gained traction when Bahati shared family photos, triggering comments insinuating a paternal connection due to their similar appearances. Some individuals even went as far as editing photos to include Victor Wanyama alongside Morgan Bahati to reinforce their claims.

Upon discovering the manipulated images, Victor Wanyama expressed his displeasure by reposting a tweet from Wesley Kibande on Twitter, condemning the act and urging an end to such thoughtless actions.

In a strong message, Wanyama stated, “This foolishness needs to stop now!”