Millicent Jepkorir Mali Safi Chito Hit Maker Says She Is Still In The Market And Ready To Mingle With These Conditions.

Millicent Jepkorir, popularly known as Marakwet Daughter and renowned for her viral track ‘Mali Safi Chito,’ asserts that she is currently unattached and encourages men to consider taking her out.

During an interview with vloggers, the Kalenjin singer refuted claims of being in a relationship, despite occasionally sharing photos with different men on social media.

Addressing her relationship status, Millicent Jepkorir (her real name) remarked, “Having a man is not a bad thing, but at the moment, I haven’t taken that trip down the aisle. As you can see, there’s no ring on my finger. I’m still available. Take me out. But don’t approach me without a plan. Otherwise, you’ll discover you’re clueless. I’m still in the dating scene, like being on the market for dates.”

Earlier this month, the singer disclosed that she was married at a young age.

During a conversation with VJ Mastermind, she openly discussed her past relationships and the challenges she faced in her early marriage.

She revealed that she entered into matrimony at the tender age of 16, seeking an escape from her family’s poverty. Unfortunately, the situation worsened, subjecting her to unbearable conditions within the marriage.

The Mali Safi Chito hitmaker, after enduring the hardships for five years, eventually made the decision to leave her husband and return home.

“I didn’t attend high school. I got married at 16 years old. Then, things were so rough that I preferred the life I had at home over the one I was experiencing in my marriage. I left him when I was 21. I went through a lot. I was so blessed that anything I touched would flourish, but family conflicts erupted in my ex-husband’s family. I went through many things. I was physically abused, and at some point, I experienced depression. I couldn’t sleep. I sought medical help and went to the hospital,” she revealed during the interview.

Jepkorir shared that she sought medical treatment and eventually recovered. Subsequently, she made a conscious decision to redirect her focus to her music career and pursue her dreams.