“Ongea na mzee, achana na social media” – Karen Nyamu advises Samidoh’s wife Edday

For the past months, there has been a battle for attention between Mugithi star Samidoh’s wife, Edday, and his baby mama, Karen Nyamu. As Samidoh finishes a two-month music tour in the United States on December 4, 2022, and prepares to return home, both women have been expressing their excitement and anticipation for his return.

Nyamu, who has two children with Samidoh, was the first to post about her excitement for his return on social media. However, a few hours later, Edday received a message from Bernice Saroni, Samidoh’s US promoter, praising Edday for taking care of Samidoh during their time together. In response, Edday thanked Bernice for looking out for her husband and expressed her excitement for his return home.

A fan shared Edday’s comment under Nyamu’s post, but it did not go over well. Nyamu responded by belittling Edday and suggesting that she talk to Samidoh directly instead of using social media to communicate with him. Nyamu also accused Edday of sounding like a “side chick.”

This is not the first time that Edday has addressed the tension between her and Nyamu. A few months ago, she shared a video of a monkey sitting on a lion’s back as it walked next to another lion, seemingly unbothered by the dangerous animals around it. Fans interpreted this as a metaphor for Edday’s relationship with Samidoh and Nyamu, with some expressing support for Edday and others suggesting that she is an “intruder” in their relationship.