Exposed: A Street in Kakamega Surrounded By Churches, Where Ladies Sell Their Rosecoco For As Low as Ksh.50 Bob.

The surge in prostitution in Kenya is primarily attributed to the escalating cost of living, compelling many women to resort to this profession as a means to secure their daily sustenance. Kakamega town, situated in western Kenya, stands out as a notable hotspot where the prevalence of prostitution is noticeably increasing.

A widely circulated video depicting one of the prominent streets in the town, known as Vike Street, has sparked considerable concern among the Kenyan populace. Vike Street, located within the town, has evolved into an environment conducive to the flourishing of such activities.

In broad daylight, prostitutes brazenly market their services without apprehension. Numerous young women can be seen along the streets, dressed provocatively, exuding the confidence to approach any man and persuade them to engage in transactional relationships for financial gain.

The streets are dotted with numerous rooms specifically designated for this dubious business. What adds to the perplexity of the situation is the fact that Vike Street is surrounded by churches, with almost every renowned church having a presence in this area.

Owing to prevailing economic challenges, young women find themselves compelled to sell their bodies at shockingly low rates, sometimes as meager as Ksh. 50 per encounter. They often allow room for negotiation with customers.

Despite the affordability of their services, instances have been reported where women unite to forcibly extract payment from clients who refuse to comply after the transaction. This distressing reality raises concerns about the physical and health risks these women face, as well as the moral and societal implications.

The current situation calls for urgent intervention from the Kakamega county government to address this alarming rise in prostitution. Action is necessary to provide alternative avenues for livelihoods and create a supportive environment that discourages the exploitation of vulnerable individuals in such deplorable circumstances.