“Aliniwacha ju nilikataa Kumkula”: Stivo Simple Boy reveals why he broke up with Pritty Vishy.

Recently, Stivo Simple Boy and Prity decided to go their separate ways, and both have mutually agreed to never get back together again.

As it often happens after a breakup, each party tends to have their own version of events to justify the split and make themselves look good. In this case, both Stivo and Prity have agreed on one thing – that they will never reconcile.

Stivo’s new narrative is that he is a virgin waiting for marriage, and Prity was not willing to wait. According to Stivo, he had always made it clear that he wanted to wait until marriage to have sex, saying, “You know how girls talk, saying they want to have sex in the heat of the moment, but I told her that until the time comes when we decide to get married and enjoy the pleasures of marriage, we will wait. She decided to leave me because I am very religious.”

Despite the split, Stivo insists that he and Prity are still on good terms and are supporting each other in their respective businesses. He believes that Prity is a great girl who just needs to change her ways, and that there is no animosity between them. “She’s a cool girl, she just needs to change her ways. Me and Prity don’t have any hard feelings towards each other.”