“I Was Depressed Because Ladies Were Forcing me to have Twa Twa With Them” Famous Gengetone Artist Says.

In a recent revelation, Harry Craze, the prominent Kenyan Gengetone artist and frontman of the acclaimed Rico Gang, has chosen to share the reasons behind their two-year hiatus and his decision to step away from the music scene.

During an interview with Presenter Ali, Harry Craze candidly discussed his battle with depression, attributing the root cause to the relentless pressure he faced during the COVID-19 lockdown. The artist revealed that he became a victim of unwanted advances from numerous women, owing to his striking looks and fame. Harry Craze expressed how the constant pursuit by admirers led him into a state of despair, causing him to struggle even during the pandemic-induced isolation.

“With my appealing appearance and fame, women were eager to be associated with me, and the pressure became overwhelming. This situation plunged me into depression, prompting me to contemplate suicide on two occasions,” Harry Craze shared, shedding light on the challenges of managing unwanted attention.

Harry admitted that the escalating pressure led him down a destructive path, turning to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. He resorted to alcohol and marijuana in an attempt to alleviate the stress. Matters took a dire turn when he attempted to take his own life by jumping from a five-story building. Despite surviving the fall, subsequent attempts involving toxic substances also proved unsuccessful. Seeking a way out of his predicament, Harry Craze sought therapy, a decision that has since marked a turning point in his life.

Acknowledging the positive impact of therapy, he disclosed that the sessions have equipped him with coping mechanisms. He has successfully overcome his struggles with substance abuse, including alcohol. Presently single, Harry Craze revealed that, despite his introverted nature, the attention from women persists. However, he has learned to prioritize his well-being, spending the majority of his time in the studio and at home crafting quality music.