Bungoma man declares undying love for Sheila Kwambox, she responds

A gentleman hailing from Bungoma has expressed a deep desire to pursue a romantic relationship with Sheila Kwamboka, the charismatic host of the Morning Kiss show. This infatuated individual, who goes by the name One presenter, EDK Blessing, has been persistently attempting to establish contact with the former beauty queen, but unfortunately, without any success.

However, it appears that his efforts have finally yielded some positive results when his message reached G Money, the presenter of the Home Boy’z program. Seizing the opportunity, G Money relayed the heartfelt message to Kwamboka, reading it aloud for her to hear.

“In my heart, I have been enduring immense pain, and today, I have gathered the courage to share my feelings. Despite my attempts to communicate with this woman, my messages have gone unanswered. My body feels weak, for I am deeply in love with you, Sheila Kwamboka. I earnestly implore you to consider my request,” the man pleaded sincerely.

Responding in a light-hearted manner, Kwamboka jokingly dismissed him, saying, “For that pain, he should consult Kaluma,” referring to someone who can offer solace for his anguish.

However, it seemed that Kwamboka had a change of heart. She presented two conditions to the supposed love of her life. “I would love to attend a Beyoncé concert and engage in lavish experiences, just like her. I had no idea my sweetheart was in Bungoma,” she giggled playfully.

The marital status of the man remains unclear, as does whether he has any children. Should he have any offspring, Sheila Kwamboka would not give him a second thought. In a recent segment of Morning Kiss, she disclosed her preference not to date or marry someone entangled in “baby mama drama.”

Additionally, Kwamboka tends to favor taller men, as she herself is tall. If the man from Bungoma lacks any of these qualities, it is advised that he tend to his broken heart and return home, for his chances with her may be slim.