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Worrying Trend-Thika High School bus involved in an accident along Thika Super Highway

In a distressing recurrence of events, yet another school bus has been caught in an accident, this time involving Thika High School. The incident unfolded on a Saturday morning, bringing traffic to a halt along Thika Super Highway as a result of a collision between a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and the Thika High School bus near the Kuraiha/Mang’u High School footbridge.

Social media images depicted the school bus, with students aboard, showing minimal damage to its rear. Conversely, the PSV suffered significant damage to its dashboard, though thankfully no fatalities were reported. Reports indicated that the students on the bus emerged from the incident unharmed and in good health. Local residents promptly responded to the scene, contributing to averting what could have been a more tragic outcome.

The PSV was subsequently towed away, restoring the flow of traffic along the busy highway. This incident follows closely on the heels of another involving a Moi University bus, which occurred at Kimende along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. Moi University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Isaac Koskei, confirmed that the students involved were from the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Kiswahili. Fortunately, there were no casualties or fatalities, and all students were reported safe.

In response to these incidents, the university took precautionary measures by suspending all academic trips until after the Easter Holidays. Prof Koskei emphasized the importance of heightened caution among drivers and road users during this period. The exact cause of the accidents is yet to be determined, prompting police investigations into the matter.

These accidents are not isolated incidents. Just two weeks prior, a Kenyatta University bus was involved in a tragic accident at Maungu in Voi, Taita Taveta County, resulting in the loss of 11 lives and serious injuries to 26 others. Injured students were promptly transferred to hospitals in Nairobi for specialized treatment, underscoring the severity of such occurrences and the need for comprehensive safety measures on the roads.